About Us

So who are we?

We are a passionate Photography and Video Production company operating in the Denver, CO area. We serve a variety of markets including Wedding Photography and Cinematography, Real Estate Photography, Commercial and Construction Inspections, and Event Photography. 

Why is Elevated Imaging right for your next project?

  • Results. We get the ‘picture’… both literally and figuratively. Our photos and videos are as stunning as they are punctual. All projects require planning as well as professional, punctual implementation. A good production companies job does not begin and end with a camera, we need the skills to create and deliver your project. Our job is to facilitate vision! To capture an idea and help you tell your story! We are here to do one thing, make you happy with the delivered product, on time.
  • Licensed and Insured. We are FAA Licensed for Commercial Drone Operations and Insured up to $2,500,000 in property damage and personal injury.
  • Flight Safety. Our pilots train constantly and have years of sUAV flight experience. Our aircraft’s advanced technology uses an extra backup battery system, ‘sense and avoid’ obstacle tracking and avoidance systems, and redundant navigational components to ensure flight reliability and safety that is unequaled in this industry.
  • Flight Experience. 3+ Years of Remote Piloting experience with +1000 of UAV (Drone) flight hours.
  • Cinema Quality. We record in Cinema industry standards.  CinemaDNG 5.2K (5280 x 2972, 16:9) 30fps 12bit, 4.2Gbps RAW and 4k (4096 x 2160, 17:9) 60fps 10bit, 4.0Gbps. Whether you need 5.2K Raw Blockbuster grade footage or 1080p photos/videos for your website, our workflows, and pricing can scale to meet your needs.

Droners.io Professional Aerial Photography Drone Pilot

Aerial Photography and Cinematography

When it comes to our Aerial Photography and Cinematography, we utilize the most state of the art technology involving two pilots, one dedicated to safely flying the small unmanned aerial system, and another completely dedicated to operating the camera to get the best shot. In short, what we fly and film with matters.

The DJI Inspire 2.

Without a doubt, this unmanned ariel system is the most sophisticated and fully integrated commercial imaging platform in existence.

Matched with the Zenmuse X5S Camera and custom made Solid State Drive, the Inspire 2 can produce Cinema Industry Standard 5.2K Apple ProRes or CinemaDNG Raw footage suitable for the most demanding productions, or the highest resolution site images and 3D models in the industry.

With Full integration of independent Pilot and Cinema/Survey cameras, we can achieve shots that were absolutely impossible to obtain before due to budget or safety concerns.

The addition of true dual operator function enables advanced maneuvers and filming capabilities not previously obtainable by ANY method.

The combination of all this advanced technology and meticulous skill means that we can provide previously unrealistic (or completely impossible) production value to a larger portion of the market!

Elevated Imaging can be YOUR end to end Photography and Videography solution!

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