Construction and Inspections

If you put the power of the Inspire 2 together with a lens that has remote controlled optical zoom capabilities, you have one of the most powerful and efficient Site Survey and Inspection tools available in the world. 

Below is an example of the optical zoom capabilities of our equipment. The photos below were taken at 150 feet AGL and approximately 1000 feet away from the site of ruffly one city block away.


Site Surveys and Inspections can be quickly and safely completed at a fraction of the cost of traditional aerial imaging techniques, giving Construction field operations the ability to easily document production and catch costly mistakes early on. We can provide the ability to quickly capture real time data and easily provide it to investors, architects, and others. Surveys can be completed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.


Below is an example of a recurring survey update video for a site in Denver, Colorado. 


Some other examples below.