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A few takes from a building with some very interesting architecture in Denver.

I wanted to post a quick edit of our trip to Mt Evans this past weekend. This is super ruff and was just put together EXTREMELY quickly to show some friends and family a few takes! Check it out below, and enjoy!

Below are examples of Productions we’ve completed in the past, all examples below were 100% filmed and edited by Elevated Imaging, only the synchronized music was produced external to Elevated Imaging.

Project Type: Marketing, Location: Colorado.  We are so happy to be contributing to the ongoing campaign of this Non-Profit Organization called The Beautiful Scar Project. A wonderful organization providing service and assistance to a poorly under-served community in need. If you would like more information about The beautiful Scar Project, Please go to



Project Type: Real Estate, Location: Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Here we have a beautiful Airbnb, after watching the video… I really want to go back! For more information, contact us!



Project Type: Wedding/Event, Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This video was made to immortalize a very good friend’s wedding! I hope you have as much fun watching it as we did filming it! For more information, contact us!



Project Type: Real Estate, Location: Denver, Colorado. This video show cases a beautiful apartment complex. For more information, contact us!



Project Type: Real Estate, Location: Denver, Colorado. This is a variation on the project above. For more information, contact us!